10 Ways to Get Better Google Rankings


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All search engines, including Google read the title tag of your website as the most vital part of every website it scans. Your title tag is one of the very few elements of search engine optimization that you as a webmaster have direct control over — use it wisely! The underlined header for your result in the SERPS is your title tag. You'll notice that your title tag also appears at the top of your browser when you, or anyone else, visits your site. Your title tag should describe your site and include your niche keywords.

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The description tag works just like it sounds — it is the description of your website. It is positioned under the title tag in search engine results. Use your niche keywords here as well.

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Keywords are truly the backbone of successful search engine optimization. It is critical to do keyword research to determine the best combinations for your website. Determining keywords before launching your site is highly recommended by many SEO experts.

Some highly ambitious web entrepreneurs make the mistake of selecting keywords that are simply too broad. For example, the keyword "gift basket" will turn up thousands, possibly millions of websites on a Google search. It would take months, probably years, and thousands of dollars to reach the # 1 Google spot on such a highly competed after term.

However, if you simply changed the term "gift basket" to "vegetarian gift basket" or "dark chocolate gift basket" or "new baby gift basket" Google would turn up far fewer results. By going with more specific "niche" keywords and phrases you¡¯ll be more likely to reach Google's top ranking spot, and benefit in terms of traffic and sales.

Two good keyword-finding tools are seoBook.com (free) or WordTracker, a subscription service.

After you determine your keywords, it is often very helpful to "test" them on Google by typing them in and checking to see how many results come up. Keywords that turn up less than 50,000 results are considered to be among the best.

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Have you ever heard the expression that "content is king"? It is true, the content of your website is very important to your Google rankings. And if you go a step further, and rotate new, fresh website content about your business or topic, then Google will reward you with even higher rankings. Then, other sites will want to link to you as well, and that will also increase your rankings. Other content tricks of the trade include the art of not overusing keywords, and occasionally using boldface type for keywords.

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If you have not already selected and purchased your domain name, select one that includes some of your niche keywords. Google highlights your domain name when it includes keywords and this can result in a little extra "kick" in your Google rankings.

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Many people seem to be obsessed with the Google pagerank bar. Do not rely on the pagerank bar or make rash decisions based on this information! The Google Pagerank bar is slow to update — about every 3 months. Google holds the secret of everyone's page rank, and it is not a constant number. It changes continuously as Google spiders sites.

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When it comes to linking, one way links are always better two way links, but they are much harder to obtain. Writing articles that include links to your website and distributing them is an excellent way of establishing one way links.
You should always consider reciprocal linking with websites that feature quality content, especially ones similar in topic to yours.
Here is a great tool for checking out your linking prospects to see if they link to adult sites or other poorly considered sites.


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Blogs are the darling of Google because they consist of lots of ever-changing text! Start a blog, use your niche keywords regularly, and your rankings will probably improve. In addition, people love to link to blogs that contain useful information, which will also boost your Google Rankings.

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Remember to submit your site DMOZ. It can take awhile to get listed there, but it is helpful because Google sometimes considers DMOZ results as organic. Many directories utilize DMOZ results, and directory listings are more one way links for you.

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Unfortunately this one does not exist. The truth is there are no fast fixes when it comes to getting higher rankings in Google. Successful search engine optimization takes months of careful execution. You must be patient and never take shortcuts in order to get top Google rankings


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