Military Press Exercise

The military press, or the standing barbell press, is an exercise which effectively targets the front and side heads of the deltoids, as well as the triceps. There is some confusion regarding the military press, with some gym goers mistaking the detained pressing variations as sharing the same name as the standing press. The military press specifically reflects to the standing barbell shoulder-press.

The exercise recruits the front and side deltoid heads, as previously mentioned, as well as the triceps due to the extension of the arms during the press. Some may choose to limit the range of motion of the exercise, finishing shy of lock out, in the aim of reducing the involvement of the triceps to shift the majority of emphasis onto the shoulders. Due to the exercise recruiting some assisting muscles during the movement, some chose to perform an immunity exercise prior to the press to pre-exhaust the deltoids. Executing the lateral raise before the over-head press will ensure the deltoids are tired prior to the press, maximizing the chance of the shoulders failing on the movement before the assisting muscles.

A grip which is slightly more than shoulder width is usually used, although it would be wise to take a grip which is most comfortable and feels to target the shoulders most greatly. It is worth noting that a narrow grip would result in greater triceps involvement, which would probably want to be avoided if the aim is to exercise the shoulder muscles.

Like with most over-head pressing exercises, the rear deltoid head is minimally enrolled during this exercise. It may be in the interest of the trainer to perform an isolated rear deltoid exercise within a shoulder session, to ensure all three muscle heads receive stimulus. Just as the front deltoid head receives significant stress during chest exercises, the same could be said about the rear head however.

It is argued a rep range between eight and twelve is optimal for muscle hypertrophy (growth), with a low repetition range, say below six, would be best for gains in strength.

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A Gentle Introduction to Optimization

A Gentle Introduction to Optimization

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Optimization is an essential technique for solving problems in areas as diverse as accounting, computer science and engineering. Assuming only basic linear algebra and with a clear focus on the fundamental concepts, this textbook is the perfect starting point for first- and second-year undergraduate students from a wide range of backgrounds and with varying levels of ability. Modern, real-world examples motivate the theory throughout. The authors keep the text as concise and focused as possible, with more advanced material treated separately or in starred exercises. Chapters are self-contained so that instructors and students can adapt the material to suit their own needs and a wide selection of over 140 exercises gives readers the opportunity to try out the skills they gain in each section. Solutions are available for instructors. The book also provides suggestions for further reading to help students take the next step to more advanced material.

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Why Do Some People Lucid Dream While Others Sleep On?

Product Name: Why Do Some People Lucid Dream While Others Sleep On?

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Link Building Strategy for Self Managed SEO

A well thought through and planned link building strategy is essential before embarking on a self managed link building campaign. The following post will outline a basic strategy that can be used for your website.

Remember – every website should be treated individually so whilst this may work for one, it may be too much or too little for others.

Link building packages generally consist of a variety of link types. This is done deliberately as Google and other search engines do not favour one particular type of link, they like a variety from differing page sources. We will highlight how to use each product to formulate a link building strategy that may work for your website.

Directory Submissions

Web directory submissions are a quick and cost effective way of building some link popularity for your site. They are by no means the route to all our link building goals but they are a steady basis – we see them as always happening behind the scenes.

We would generally submit your website homepage to web directories as certain webmasters do not accept deep links – An expected acceptance rate from manual directory submission is 60%.

Directory submission sites range from well established high PR directories like DMOZ to new, up and coming directories that will pass the link juice over a longer period. As the vast majority are manually approved, acceptance can take between 12 hours and 6 months!

We would generally submit the directories at around 100-200 per week and use no more than 10 different anchor texts – We would generally concentrate on the highest competition phrases with the directories to build weight to the home page.

Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is a great way of achieving deep links from high PR websites. As a lot of these are also high traffic sites, social bookmarks give you the chance to put your bookmark in front of a potentially large audience dependent on your niche.

Social bookmarking sites generally have an instant approval rate as user accounts are required to access the submission areas.

On the major social bookmarking sites – the Digg’s, the Stumbleupon’s of the world – the links are nofollow links – they do not pass any of the link weighting across and these are usually avoided in SEO. Social bookmarking sites counter this by placing your link in front of a potentially large audience searching in your niche.

Social bookmarking is an ongoing process and is often used to target the niche phrases contained on the pages deep within your website. – An example could be with the product name as the title of the bookmark.

Article Marketing

Article marketing is a proven way of adding good authority to your website – as long as you are marketing the correct content! With between 300 and 500 words the norm for the majority of article submission websites, there is usually plenty of information within your company to write your own article. We offer an article writing service using SEO trained UK journalists as the copywriters.

The article is placed on a page of its own and generally with no other content on the page (adverts and navigation excluded). This gives you a very content rich page linking back to your website.

The links in article marketing are usually found in the author’s bio section of the article. A general rule is that 2 links are allowed – generally a high competition phrase to your homepage and a deep link to the page on your site the articles are targeting.

Theme Based Link Building

Theme based link building is the most search engine friendly link building technique available. When used correctly, it can reap benefits; when done wrong, it can be a very expensive mistake both to your company cash and also your website’s reputation.

Theme based link building is used to help target very high competition search phrases and are done in much smaller numbers than any of the services mentioned above. With an average link price of £10, theme based links are used sparingly – unless you have the budget of course.


Mix it up – don’t just concentrate on one link source – what if the algorithm changes?

Ask us!! We provide a submission service but we can also manage all your link building needs – from one site to a large portfolio. We tailor every strategy for your needs – be they financial or rankings.

Manual Link Building provide SEO services through link building including social bookmarking, article marketing and directory submissions . View and buy online here.

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Health Information Available Online

One of our biggest concerns is our health. The internet has become a burgeoning source of health related information. Any query we have related to our health or somebody else's whether it is age specific, country or climate specific, information is available on the internet. Many general practitioners discourage us laymen from poring over available material on the net for our aches and pains, as they tell us that half knowledge can be dangerous! But is it really half-knowledge? The internet gives reams and reams of information about every disease known to man.

Social networking sites are also a source of health related information, but provide links to the sponsors of such information

So how do we separate the grain from the chaff? While we do look for internet solutions to our health problems, we do want authentic dependable information.

If a doctor is not immediately available, it helps to be informed about the condition.


There are certain check points to tick off so that we are guided to the best site offering medical advice ..

· Is the site selling something or making undue claims for any product?

· Does it have outdated information? – the date of the page is often near the bottom

· Is it sponsored by an organization whose reputation is questionable for any reason?

· Is the source and basis of the information established?

· What is the purpose of the site? – The About site site should give the answer to this question

· How does the site fund itself?

· How does the site use your personal information?

· Does the site encourage reader interaction?

If the answers to all the above questions satisfy you, go ahead and use the website. But remember to share your findings with your doctor and take his or her opinion.

Some points to keep in mind

There are web tracking sites which specialize in audience measurement. If your chosen site features in their list, this is a plus point in its favor as it means that it is a popular site, and lots of people are consulting it for their health related questions.

If the site bears allegiance to a famous hospital, or if it has been started by a doctor, it invokes more confidence in the user.

Some sites have a question and answer format. Based on some key words that you type in, the answers that may already be there are thrown up for you. If you are not satisfied, you are requested to direct your question to the inhouse experts.

Your input is also requested in some sites, which ask you wherever you want to answer any questions put up by other users. For this, it is mandatory that you register with the website. You are asked to preview your answer before you finally post it.

In conclusion: Knowledge empowers and knowledge of the working of complex mechanism of any part of the body helps in understanding the disease specific to that part. Keeping the above points in mind, you would sometimes be one step ahead of your illness when you are armed with the correct information.

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SEO: What is meant by SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In The industrialized world of where Internet hold a very good and important position in world of marketing there only websites can’t be enough to increase the sales and all others thing.

Building a very impressive and good looking website is useless there no traffic on the site it’s same like a road which a no traffic to run on it is useless. TO solve this problem the term Search Engine Optimization was introduced in internet world also known as SEO in mid – 1990s SEO is the process to increase the amount of incoming traffic to a particular website from search engines via unpaid search results as opposed to Search Engine marketing (S E M) which deals with paid inclusion.

The search engines usually display result according to user’s input and the earlier or higher on the search page more are the chances of that the more users will follow the website link. Search engines use user rating method to place the site at top and bottom for certain search input. User could use SEO to target many types of searches like Images, Local search, Video Search, News, Industry specific vertical search.

As an Internet marketing strategy, SEO considers how search engines work and what people search for. Optimizing a website primarily involves editing its content and HTML and associated coding to both increase its relevance to specific keywords and to remove barriers to the indexing activities of search engines.

The acronym “SEO” can refer to “search engine optimizers,” a term adopted by an industry of consultants who carry out optimization projects on behalf of clients, and by employees who perform SEO services in-house. Search engine optimizers may offer SEO as a stand-alone service or as a part of a broader marketing campaign.

Because effective SEO may require changes to the HTML source code of a site, SEO tactics may be incorporated into web site development and design. The term “search engine friendly” may be used to describe web site designs, menus, content management systems, images, videos, shopping carts, and other elements that have been optimized for the purpose of search engine exposure. In Early Years of SEO the webmaster needed to submit the address of a page or URL to various search engines.

The search engines would then send a spider or crawler to crawl the page extract the link of the other pages on the site and return the result to the search engine which is later indexed. In this process a spider sent by search engine download the page extract certain words and their position and weight and is stores into a scheduler for crawling at a later date.

By 2004, search engines had incorporated a wide range of undisclosed factors in their ranking algorithms to reduce the impact of link manipulation. Google says it ranks sites using more than 200 different signals. The leading search engines, Google and Yahoo, do not disclose the algorithms they use to rank pages.

Notable SEOs, such as Rand Fishkin, Barry Schwartz, Aaron Wall and Jill Whalen, have studied different approaches to search engine optimization, and have published their opinions in online forums and blogs. SEO practitioners may also study patents held by various search engines to gain insight into the algorithms.

In 2005 Google began personalizing search results for each user. Depending on their history of previous searches, Google crafted results for logged in users.

In 2008, Bruce Clay said that “ranking is dead” because of personalized search. It would become meaningless to discuss how a website ranked, because its rank would potentially be different for each user and each search.

In 2007 Google announced a campaign against paid links that transfer PageRank.[14] In 2009 Google disclosed that they had taken measures to mitigate the effects of PageRank sculpting by use of the nofollow attribute on links.

In December 2009 Google announced it would be using the web search history of all its users in order to populate search results.

SEO is a critical part of running website. It is best left to the experts who understand the notion of NICHE websites and finding a niche keyword to market.

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The Design of Everyday Things: Revised and Expanded Edition

The Design of Everyday Things: Revised and Expanded Edition

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Even the smartest among us can feel inept as we fail to figure out which light switch or oven burner to turn on, or whether to push, pull, or slide a door. The fault, argues this ingenious—even liberating—book, lies not in ourselves, but in product design that ignores the needs of users and the principles of cognitive psychology. The problems range from ambiguous and hidden controls to arbitrary relationships between controls and functions, coupled with a lack of feedback or other assistance and unreasonable demands on memorization. The Design of Everyday Things shows that good, usable design is possible. The rules are simple: make things visible, exploit natural relationships that couple function and control, and make intelligent use of constraints. The goal: guide the user effortlessly to the right action on the right control at the right time.

In this entertaining and insightful analysis, cognitive scientist Don Norman hails excellence of design as the most important key to regaining the competitive edge in influencing consumer behavior. Now fully expanded and updated, with a new introduction by the author, The Design of Everyday Things is a powerful primer on how—and why—some products satisfy customers while others only frustrate them.

Basic Books AZ

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AIA Hypnosis | Hypnosis Experts Membership

Product Name: AIA Hypnosis | Hypnosis Experts Membership

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Find Traders On An Online Trade Directory

When you’re starting a business, you most likely need to find the right suppliers or traders for the products, or services, that you intend to sell. No matter which industry you’re in, you have to find and interview a number of suppliers to ensure that you commit to the right one. There are a number of ways that you can find a trader and an online trade directory is one of them.

There are many business directories on the internet that list businesses from all industries, but you need to find one that only lists traders. This is a specialised online trade directory service that focusses on listing traders, suppliers or wholesalers only. If you are searching for a supplier for your business, you probably don’t want them to sell directly to your customers. There are trade suppliers that only sell to retailers or distributors and not directly to the end users. They state this in their policy and check their distributor’s legitimacy. This is imperative if you intend on running a successful business. You need to find a trade supplier that has strict control processes in place, which their staff adhere to, that prohibits them from going directly to the public.

There are certain suppliers that may service both markets by having two separate processes in place. This may include two separate price lists: one with trade prices that are discounted for distributors and one with retail prices for end users. Depending on your business model this may be an option for you.

In addition, when you’re searching for a trade supplier the price is a big point. If you’re going to buy from a trade supplier, you will make bulk purchases in most cases. Ensure that you benefit from bulk discounts so that you can add a reasonable profit margin, yet be affordable enough for your customers to want to buy from your business.

An online trade directory will show you quite a few suppliers per category. This is great if you are looking to compare suppliers, their service and prices. You can also narrow down your search to only include those closest to your business. After all, finding a supplier near to you can minimise transport and delivery costs, thus lowering your overheads.

An online trade directory is a convenient and professional way of finding a lot of traders in all industries. It will save you much time in your search for a competent trade supplier.

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How to Get Traffic to Your Affiliate Link

Affiliate marketing can be a profitable alternative to working your typical 9 to 5. Imagine being able to work less hours from the comfort of your own home while making more money?

The key to success with affiliate marketing all boils down to one thing. Knowing how to get traffic to your affiliate link. Without any traffic it does not matter how good the offer is.

So here is a simple strategy you can use to drive massive traffic to your affiliate link.

First of all put it on a landing page by using a blogging platform like WordPress, Squidoo, blogger, etc. The benefit of using these platforms is that they will save you time. If you know HTML and can design a custom landing page for yourself, great.

The second step is to spend 80% of your time using a variety of formats to drive traffic to your landing page in order to expose the maximum amount of visitors in the shortest amount of time.

The key here is not to dilute your efforts by spreading your promotions all over the place. Your mission is to jam as much traffic into that link as possible. Believe it or not you'll see results really quick if you do it like this. You can use the same strategy to build a huge list.

With your blog setup with your affiliate link you can do article marketing with a link or two in your bio box pointing back to your blog that has … your affiliate link.

You can use social bookmarking to position your free blog with your associate link right in the middle of the busiest traffic sources on the planet.

Write a short report and plant your associate link in it and submit to free eBook and download directories to get in front of a mass of eyeballs.

Set up a schedule for implementing these methods so that you can conduct a massive focused traffic campaign to your affiliate link. Most importantly of all commit to taking action daily and watch the promises roll in.

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